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Color Remedies™

Call us on (646) 961-3973 (from abroad: +1 646 961 3973)


Who are we?

Color Remedies™ was founded in 1998 in Boulder, Colorado, by Chris Murphy. While Chris was doing Macintosh consulting and repair, he developed not only immense patience, but developed a knack for breaking problems down into smaller chunks, making them more easily solvable.

The demand by his predominantly graphic-arts-oriented Macintosh customers led him into the world of color management. Color Remedies is based in New York, NY, offering global services, training and consulting.

Chris is one of three co-authors of Real World Color Management, 2nd Edition, recently released from Peachpit Press (September 10, 2004).

What do we do?

We provide on-site color management training and consulting, anywhere in the galaxy (pretty much). We have extensive experience with calibration and characterization of displays, scanners, printers and presses, with profiling packages and solutions from GretagMacbeth, X-Rite, Integrated Color Solutions, Adobe, Quark, and more. We're intimately familiar with the color behavior of the applications you use including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat; and QuarkXPress; and Macromedia Freehand; and CorelDRAW, and others. We take on all kinds of unique projects, thoroughly enjoying challenging new technologies and workflows.

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